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Hi, and thanks for stopping by! Just your interest in reading this page confirms that you are interested in diet, health, and good food all at the same time. Well, so are we and that is how we became interested in smoothies to begin with.

We live in South Florida, but originally came from the north (Pennsylvania and Ohio) where fresh fruit was a seasonal delight. Now that we are in Florida, fresh fruits and vegetables are available virtually year round. We have them part of our daily menus and one of our favorite meals is always a fruit or veggie smoothie.

Creating easy smoothie recipes with fresh fruit is simply one of the best tasting, most healthy, things you can enjoy. Healthy smoothies are quick, enjoyable, work well as either a meal or snack, and are filled with natural vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. And, you will never get bored with smoothies because each tastes so refreshingly different because of the fruits and ingredients you use.

This site has our both our favorite recipes as well as recipes we find here and there. We have tried most, but not all, and we invite you to try and enjoy each one.

Don’t know how to make a smoothie? Well, there isn’t any “right” way. Making a smoothie is more about what you want than exact measuring. To that point, here is a great video with Jamie Oliver demonstrating just how easy (and delicious) smoothies really are. And please note that the blenders being used are full power models. When using frozen ingredients most of the smaller models can’t perform as well.

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