Jul 022013

Apricots are so so good, but often they ripen so quickly that we can’t enjoy them.  But if you find that you have ripe fruit, you can definitely blend an apple apricot smoothie to enjoy.

The Chia seed is optional but, if you do use it, it brings a wide range of nutritional value including important heart healthy omega-3 fatty acids. And, unlike flax, Chia has no noticeable taste of its own so it will not change the delicious results!

In your favorite blender mix:

– 1 apple peeled, cored and cut in chunks
– 1 cup cold apple juice
– 4 -5 apricots cut out seed and cut in chunks pitted, skin optional
– 1 banana cut in chunks-you can also use frozen banana chips
– 1 cup of low-fat plain yogurt
– 1 tablespoon Chia seed

Apple Apricot Smoothie

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