Dec 272012

Apples are at the core of this Apple smoothie. For additional interest and excellent taste, carrots have been added as well.

Carrots are orange because of the beta-carotene, but that is turned into vitamin A by the body. If you eat too many carrots, and will take a huge amount, you can come down with a condition called “cartenosis” which turn your skin orange. But don’t worry, it is a benign condition that disappears when you stop eating carrots.

For even more nutritional goodness throw in a tablespoon of chia seed as well. Chia is a nutritional powerhouse including heart healthy, cholesterol fighting omega 3 fatty acids. Even better, Chia has no taste of its own so adding it to the mix is not going to change the delicious results at all.

In your favorite blender mix:

– 1 Golden Delicious Apple, cored, seeded and cut in chunks (or your favorite apple variety)
– 1 medium banana
– 1 medium carrot, scrubbed and cut in chunks
– 1 cup of cold apple juice
– 1 tablespoon Chia seed

Apple Smoothie -Cold, Refreshing, Delicious!

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