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What is The Best Way To Lower Cholesterol?

If you have been diagnosed with a higher than normal cholesterol level you really don’t have any other option but to take steps to lower it as quickly as possible. By ignoring high cholesterol you are, quite literally, taking your life into your hands by vastly increasing your risk of heart disease, stroke, and hypertension. That leaves the question of what is the best way to lower cholesterol?

Depending on how high your cholesterol levels are, it might be necessary to begin taking medication. Or, for less serious cholesterol levels, changes in your diet along with some targeted supplements might do the job. But regardless of how high your cholesterol is, bringing it down will undoubtedly take some changes in your diet and lifestyle.

Here are some common sense steps you can take immediately to being to bring your cholesterol levels under control:

Add Fruits and Vegetables To Your Meals

Increase the amount of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Every nutritional study in the last 20 years says that we do not have enough fruits or vegetables in our diets. By adding the recommended 5 servings daily, you will get a lot more fiber and zero cholesterol. Tip: smoothies are a wonderful way to get fruit and veggies in your diet. Check out this website for more than 800 different smoothie recipes.

Fiber is Your Friend

Fiber is good for you. In addition to fruits and vegetables, some other foods high in healthy fiber are oatmeal, beans, and whole grains like barley, wheat, and Chia Omega-3 fatty acid. There is now an established body of scientific research proving that omega-3 fatty acids are wonderful at reducing cholesterol levels. Omega-3 fatty acids are traditionally found in seafood such as salmon. However, many are concerned with seafood contamination or have chosen a vegetarian lifestyle. For these individuals, omega-3 can be found in fish oil capsules or from botanical sources such as Chia seed.

Red Meat is Not Your Friend

Cut back on Red Meat. The average American’s diet has way too much red meat in it but it is probably not realistic to think that we are all going to forgo meat in our diets. But, it will help a lot too chose the leanest cuts and then grill (or broil) them. Broiling and grilling will help reduce the amount of fat in the meat and will still taste great. Cutting back on red meat is one of the easiest and best ways to lower cholesterol.

Even if you are on cholesterol lowering medication, following these simple steps will help you control your cholesterol and provide a healthier lifestyle at the same time.

Best Way To Lower Cholesterol


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