Dec 222012
carrot mango citrus smoothie

Why not a Carrot Mango Citrus Smoothie?

We know that rabbits like carrots and they are supposedly good for your eyesight. While that may, or may not, be true, what is true is that carrots are loaded with Vitamin A, dietary fiber, antioxidants and some minerals.

We also know that carrots are a valued ingredient in many smoothie recipes. This one combines carrot juice with a couple of different fruits, mango and orange, for a very healthy and very interesting treat.

As a bonus, this carrot mango citrus smoothie is about as “green” as possible so if a green smoothie is your goal, this should be it!

A refreshing smoothie for one!

In your favorite blender mix:

-1/2 cup carrot juice
-1/4 cup frozen mango chunks
-1 seedless orange peeled and cut in chunks
– tbsp. Chia seed

Rich, tasty and filling!

Carrot Mango Citrus Smoothie

image by Aromaengel

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