Kale Banana Smoothie – Healthy!

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Oct 202016
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Of the 800+ recipes we have here by far the most viewed are the recipes that include Kale. To add to the Kale smoothies already here we now add the following Kale banana smoothie recipe.

Like most smoothie recipes it is pretty simple to make and offers a lot of nutrition in a very tasty format.

In your favorite blender, mix:

  • 1 previously frozen banana, peeled and sliced (TIP: Peel and slice BEFORE FREEZING)
  • 2 cups Kale, chopped for easier blending
  • Half cup soy milk
  • Tbs. flax or Chia seeds (we prefer Chia but both are very good nutritionally)
  • Tsp. maple syrup

Put everything into the blender at the same time and mix until smooth.

Kale Banana Smoothie

Orange and Kale Smoothie

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Oct 022014
orange and kale smoothie

It doesn’t matter the time of year, we need our vitamins all the time. So, even though fall is in the air, don’t pack the blender away; keep it on hand and keep mixing up healthy and vitamin packed smoothies like the Orange and Kale smoothie here.

In your favorite blender mix:

  • 1 Orange, without the peel
  • About a cup of chopped Kale (spinach will work too if Kale is too sharp a taste)
  • 1 cup almond milk (other options are coconut or rice milk too)
  • 3/4 tsp vanilla extract
  • Sweetener of choice (stevia, etc.)
  • 1 Tbsp.Chia Seed

Everything into the blender and mix until you get the consistency you prefer. If you want your Orange and Kale smoothie cold, feel free to add a few ice cubes to the mix.

Vegetable Diet Smoothie

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Jul 212014
vegetable diet smoothie, healthy smoothie, healthy breakfast ideas, healthy snacks

When you embark on a vegetable diet is really doesn’t matter how strict you want to be. Whether or not yo include lean meat, or chicken, in your new diet, the fact that you are basing it primarily around vegetables is going to do great things for your health and your waistline.

The following smoothie recipe is going to go great in any type of vegetable diet, and even in diets that aren’t based on veggies. Light and full of taste this recipe is a good choice in the warmer months or, really, any time at all.

In your favorite blender mix:

  • 1 frozen banana (TIP: peel and slice the banana BEFORE freezing)
  • 1 cup Kale leaves (Spinach will work too)
  • 1 medium cucumber, sliced and peeled
  • 1 cup Vanilla Almond Milk
  • 1 Tbsp.Chia Seed
  • (optional) Ice to taste

Combine everything into the blender at the same time and mix until you get the consistency you prefer.

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Healthy Green Smoothie: Pineapple & Kale

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Jan 042014

We like smoothies for a lot of reasons. They are very tasty, they are easy to make (most of the time anyway), and they allow us the ability to add nutritious fruits and vegetables to our diets that we otherwise wouldn’t get. Such is the case with this healthy green smoothie recipe blending Kale with fruit. Makes a really good meal replacement anytime of your choosing.

In your favorite blender mix:

  • 2 cups chopped Kale leaves (if the sharp Kale taste is not for you, try spinach instead)
  • 1 1/2 cups chopped Pineapple (Fresh is great but canned is OK too)
  • 1 previously frozen banana (TIP: Peel and chop the banana before you freeze it)
  • Half cup coconut milk

Everything goes into the blender at the same time. Blend until the mix reaches a consistency you like and serve.

Do you have time for just one more before you go? Follow this link to another of our collection of green smoothie recipes.

Healthy Green Smoothie

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