Oct 242014
childhood obesity prevention

As you browse through the smoothie recipes on this site you are going to note that the greatest majority promote healthy eating and childhood obesity prevention. We believe that a family’s healthy meal plans go a long way towards in raising healthy and active children. That said, even healthy meal plans will benefit from an active lifestyle and it can be challenging to get your kids out of the house and moving. With that challenge in mind here are 5 Tips on Raising More Active Children

Childhood Obesity Prevention

As we know, a sedentary life-style is wrecking our kid’s health. Childhood Obesity, diabetes, too high cholesterol levels and blood pressure levels are hitting the roof in today’s youngsters. While playing way too many video games and watching too much TV are almost always to blame, and we as parents are responsible or not doing enough to get our children away from the couch, and to head outdoors to play and get physical exercise.
But if you are at a loss as far as how to do that, listed here are five ways to get the kids moving:

•    Set rules for electronic devices usage and play periods.
•    Encourage exercising by providing gifts that promote it.
•    Educate your children about the advantages of physical exercise and healthy eating.
•    Lead by example.
•    Provide chances to get active .

Establish electronics use and play times

When we were growing up, we usually had a physical education class  in school, yet now most schools don’t have that class anymore and that makes childhood obesity prevention even more difficult. So, as parents we must substitute that lack of sponsored exercise with something else. Rather than them sitting on the couch after supper playing video games, turn them all off and spend some quality time with a family walk or bike ride. Being active will benefit everyone, including you. Also, consider signing your children up for an after school activity in something they want to do. Something to find them more physical exercise.

Promote physical exercise by giving gifts that encourage it

For birthdays or Christmas, add a gift which gets their heart rate up, such as a jumping rope, basketball, baseball glove, etc. Using your gift will get them out of the house and moving.

Teach your children the benefits of being fit

Make clear why taking a hike, a walk or playing in the park is great for them. Emphasize the health benefits, like a healthier heart, more muscle, weight management, and so forth. Point out that their favorite pop-star is fit and they can be as well. Using peer examples are a good technique for childhood obesity prevention, just don’t be accusatory to too technical!

Set an example with your own actions

You can’t count on the kids to go out and play if you stay indoors and watch TV. Kids are just like sponges in that they absorb everything you do and in most cases want to copy you. Create a poor example and they’ll follow it just as they would if you set a good example. .

Provide opportunities to get active

If you make physical exercise fun, kids won’t even recognize they’re doing it. Games like tag or hopscotch are exciting to play. Both games get the pulse rate up, the entire body moving and don’t require much as far as accessories – just some chalk for hopscotch.

Being a kid should be about going outdoors, playing and having fun, not about situated the couch watching television for hours . Get them (and yourself) up, outside and moving on nice days or take them to the local mall and walk, or to the YMCA/YWCA on times of stormy weather. 

And don’t forget that, along with physical exercise, a healthy diet is also a requirement for childhood obesity prevention!

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