Jan 142011
cranberry banana smoothie mix

Any time your supermarkets and grocery stores start featuring spectacular fruit that is a sign to start making fresh fruit smoothies. One such example is this Cranberry Banana smoothie mix. It makes great use of Cranberry juice and Bananas of course, but it also mixes in seedless grapes and even a pear.

Now what is not to like about that combination? Try it tomorrow after a light workout, or just as a healthy snack idea.

In your smoothie blender mix:

-1 ripe pear, peeled, cored and cut into chunks
-1/2 cup green seedless grapes (hint: grab a handful and put in the freezer before using)
-1 frozen banana, peeled and sliced (TIP: peel and slice BEFORE FREEZING)
-1/4 cup chilled cranberry juice (or apple cranberry tastes good too!)
-(Optional) 1 Tbs. of either Chia or Flax seeds for addtional nutrition. Both are good but Chia doesn’t have a lot of flavor by itself and will “disapper” into the recipe.

The cranberry is so popular there was even a pretty famous band that took the name for themselves. Remember the “Cranberries”? If not, here they are singing one of their hits “Zombie” (circa 1994). I think they broke up for a pretty long time but are now trying something of a reunion.

Cranberry Banana Smoothie Mix

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