Jan 132013
frozen strawberry smoothie

This recipe isn’t only a frozen strawberry smoothie, its an everything frozen smoothie mix.

I think this mix is perfect for the middle of summer when everything and everybody is so hot you just can’t stand it.

This recipe will serve four if no one wants seconds but I will bet they do.

Not to leave out the healthy, we added a tbsp. of chia seed to the mix to get a blast of omega-3 and other good nutrition stuff.

In your favorite blender mix:

  • One cup orange sherbet or frozen yogurt
  • One cup of frozen strawberries
  • One and a third cups frozen pineapple
  • One Tsp. Chia Seed for more nutrition and omega-3 fatty acids

When thoroughly blended add one and a half cups of bottled or filtered water to smooth things out. Depending on your taste, you might use less.

If you want, feel free to substitute fresh pineapple and strawberries and you’ll still be building a really tasty smoothie but, sometimes, only a frozen strawberry smoothie is going to work!

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