Aug 022010

If you are counting calories to lose weight or following detox diets for weight loss, so many articles focus on the maintaining motivation to lose weight. Often the answer is making meals that are satisfying.

This Green Broccoli Orange smoothie might not “look” satisfying, but after working out-or for lunch, give this mix a try!

-1 large carrot scrubbed cut in chunks
-4 large broccoli florets
-1 large apple cored and cut in chunks
-1 cup of fresh spinach
-1-2 cups of cold orange juice with pulp
-1 teaspoon of chia seed for heart healthy Omega 3 fatty acids

Mix the fruits and vegetables in your smoothie blender starting and add one cup of cold orange juice and mix well. Add more juice until the smoothie is the consistency you like best!

Green Broccoli Orange Smoothie

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  1. This sounds delicious… I like broccoli anyway but I’m really intrigued as to how it will taste with the orange in there! Thank you… 😉

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