Nov 212012
healthy melon smoothie

Healthy Melon Smoothie Recipe:
Drive by a fruit market and you will see crates of melons for sale.  It is the perfect time to pick up a cantaloupe, and make a smoothie that is not only delicious, but offers healthy fruit nutrition too that our bodies need for healthy living.

Cut the cantaloupe in half, clean the seeds, and you can either skin or not-that will be your choice, but cut in chunks.  Also,  skin a couple of kiwis and cut in chunks too.  After doing that,  add to your  In your favorite blender and mix until smooth and the consistency you like best.

-1/2 cantaloupe chunks
-2 kiwis chunks
-2 medium bananas-fresh or the same amount of frozen (about 1 and 1/2  cups)
-1 tbps. Chia seed contributes Omega-3 fatty acid and a host of other nutritional value without changing the tast
If you need to thin out the
smoothie you can add a few ice cubes, or a small amount of your favorite fruit juice.

Healthy Melon Smoothie

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