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Trying to lose weight definitely can feel impossible at times. The motivation and dedication is always there to begin with, but unfortunately it seems to wane after a little while. How can some people keep off the weight after meeting their weight loss goals? What is their secret to success?

That answer is different for every body but there are some strategies that have proven successful for many. Here are some of them. You can decide which ones are right for you.

It is important to define a specific, measurable goal before you even start to lose weight. Having a solid, attainable goal in mind when you begin a weight loss program can help you stay focused and motivated.

Keep regular records of your weight. Maintain a journal in which you track the weekly changes in your weight. In the same book, track your diet. Keep a food diary or log to keep yourself responsible for what you eat. Writing it down will make you more conscious of what it is you are putting in your mouth each day.

Hunger impacts your self control which, in turn, hampers your ability to lose weight. It is a very good idea to always have healthy snacks on hand to nibble on when hunger strikes during the day. Otherwise, you will be tempted by fast food or junk food. Take the time to organize your meals in advance and don’t forget to bring your own lunch. Besides being healthier, brown bagging your own lunch will also save you a lot of money.

Take a two-pronged approach to weight loss by combining your diet with an exercise regime. Pick an activity you love and include it as part of your exercise routine. Whether you join a sports team, sign up for some dance lessons, or find ways to work out with friends, it’s important to keep your workouts entertaining. Making this work for you requires a bit of creativity, but it’s all worth it in the end when you lose weight and meet your goals.

When you have a kitchen full of tasty but unhealthy foods, it is impossible to stop yourself from eating them. By simply replacing unhealthy foods with healthy snacks in your fridge and cupboard, you can change your eating habits without even trying. Stock up on plenty of healthy options such as veggies, fruits and nutritious snacks. Stop buying junk food! This is the simplest way to make sure you won’t eat it, which is especially helpful when you can’t resist it. You will find it easier to break your junk food habits when you make nutritious alternatives handy and keep the unhealthy stuff out of reach.

Finally, you cannot lose weight because your doctor says you should or your husband wants you to do it. You have to decide you are going to lose weight because you want to do it for yourself. Involving your family and friends in your goals will help them to be there for you if you need support which is going to make your journey less stressful and more enjoyable. You are going to have times that will make you feel exhausted or unmotivated. Call upon your friends and family when you have a lack of motivation and DON’T GIVE UP!

Lose Weight And Keep It Off

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