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As the baby boomer generation continues to march into their 60s and 70s they are eager to start managing the aging process by embracing any product that offers to stop, reverse, or alleviate the natural aging processes. Just check out the companies and merchandise that made a decision to spend their advertising budget on any cable or network news program. Undoubtedly, the greatest majority of advertising are for goods which deal with targeted issues of increasing age like osteoporosis, urinary incontinence, erectile dysfunction, and other age connected ailments followed closely by anti wrinkle and anti age spot products.

But what is “aging” in the physical sense? While we normally chart growing older chronologically by adding yet another number to our total each and every birthday, “aging” is really how both our physical bodies and mental processes react to the gathering years of wear and tear.

At the most basic level the aging process is marked by the individual cellular material in our bodies losing their ability to perfectly copy themselves by means of cell division. Consequently, this reduces the cell’s capability to appropriately react to strains like sickness. As the decades accumulate and we live our lives, this lack of ability to sustain health in the cellular level will in the end, and normally, cause death.

Although this could be depressing, there is good news too. The good news is that, as science does increasingly more research on genetics, progressively more genes which have specific effects for the process of getting older will be discovered. Sooner or later aging itself could be regarded as a genetic condition that’s, potentially, treatable. In truth, that process has now begun.

As medical research improves omega-3 fatty acids are being identified as an important aid in managing the aging process. Historically, omega-3 is found in cold water fish such as Salmon, or is obtained by supplements. Omega-3 fatty acids are also found in the plant kingdom, specifically from a plant called Chia.

Managing The Aging Process

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