Jun 082013

If you have visited this site at all, you know that we can get obsessed with the nutritional benefits that smoothies bring to our diet and this article shows exactly why. What is so disturbing about reading this piece is that there really isn’t anything new reported. Obesity in America continues to increase rapidly. As a society, we continue to get fatter and more unhealthy. Apparently, we would much rather drown ourselves in fried foods and sugar drinks than eat anything even mildly healthy. As a result of this obsession with junk food, obesity rates continue to rise and health costs skyrocket.

As bad as the health aspect, the cost part of this is just as bad. The healthcare system is strained as it is and the obesity epidemic continues to put upward pressure on all health related costs. The moral is, if you don’t want to pay more for health insurance, we all could stand to lose a few pounds and have healthier lifestyles.

Personally, I don’t think the day is too far off where your lifestyle choices (weight, smoking, etc.) are going to be a determining factor in how much you have to pay for health insurance, or even if you can get good coverage at all. There are some indications this is already happening and, I think, it will just get worse as time goes on.

Read this very important article HERE

Don’t join the obesity parade! Eat healthy, eat fruits and vegetables, get exercise, and drink smoothies. If you do, I guarantee you will fee better, have less sick days, and live longer!

Obesity In America


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