Jan 162013
peach and greek yogurt smoothie

As we have said before, Greek yogurt is neat stuff. It is normal yogurt that has been strained through a cloth (like muslin) which removes the water, sugar, and salts. What remains is a yogurt that is much higher in protein and lower in fat. It works well with just about any fruit and in this smoothie we have gone for Peaches. If you like, you can substitute Blueberries, Pineapple, or many other fruits.

So, without waiting any longer, here is a quick, simple, and really good Peach and Greek Yogurt smoothie recipe:

In your favorite blender mix:

1 cup Greek Yogurt (your choice of flavor but we used vanilla)
1 cup Peaches, cut and pitted
1/4 cup soy or nut Milk
1 dash Honey
1 tablespoon Chia Seed
Ice to taste

Peach and Greek Yogurt Smoothie Recipe

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