Dec 102016
pineapple oj smoothie

The case for making green smoothies is usually that the ingredients used are higher in nutritional value than is the case for other recipes. While an argument can be made on both sides of that particular issue, the fact remains that “green smoothies” are very popular and are very healthy. The pineapple OJ smoothie below is but one example.

As an example, this recipe mixes both fruits and vegetables into a single mix that offers a great deal of nutrition and a surprising amount of taste. I like that it calls for Spinach rather than Kale as Kale can be a bit harsh in some recipes. However, if you like Kale by all means feel free to substitute it.

The recipe can also deliver even more nutrition simply by adding a tablespoon of Chia seed. Chia offers a great deal of nutritional value including antioxidants and cholesterol fighting, heart healthy omega 3 fatty acids. Even better, unlike flax, Chia has no taste of its own so adding it won’t change the tasty results.

  • 2 cups baby spinach
  • Cup pineapple (fresh or frozen)
  • Medium apple, quartered (your choice of type, just core and peel)
  • 1 previously frozen banana (peel and slice before freezing)
  • Cup Orange Juice (fresh is best but any will do, just watch the sugar content)
  • Tbsp Chia seed

Put everything into your favorite blender at the same time and blend until you get the consistency you prefer.

Pineapple OJ Smoothie

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