Jul 142016
resisting junk food

Resisting Junk Food: Four ways to Break Your Addiction

Are you a junk-food junkie? It is hard not to be with fast-food chains everywhere and TV spots for processed foods every commercial break. Addiction to junk food is as powerful as any other type of addiction. These 4 tips can help you in your efforts of resisting junk food and being healthier..

Avoid mindless eating

Do you realize how many calories you are ingesting when eating packaged and processed stuff like potato chips or candies in front of the TV or at your desk at work? Most likely you don’t. Any time you are eating, but focused on something else, it is easy to stuff yourself with junk food calories.

One very good way to avoid unfocused eating is to not have junk food around. Instead have healthy snack bars, a small bag of nuts or some peanut butter and salt free crackers to snack on. By planning ahead and having a healthy snack its much easier to avoid eating hundreds of extra calories a day. Of course a healthy and refreshing smoothie will also do the trick but it isn’t always possible to make one on the spot.

The second way is to focus on what you are eating the same way you focus on other tasks. In other words don’t be doing something else (reading, watching TV, surfing your phone) to the point you don’t realize what or how much you are eating. When the task of eating becomes secondary to what you are doing, it is way too easy to lose track.

Fiber is Your Friend

Keeping a healthy supply of fresh fruits and vegetables around is a good way to fill up instead of eating junk food. Because they contain a lot of fiber, they keep you full longer. And without adding way too many calories and unhealthy saturated fat. There are any numbers of fiber rich smoothie recipes on this site you can sample. Just one example is this High Fiber Smoothie and there are many, many others.

Plan ahead of time when eating out

I think resisting junk food is hardest when eating out. If your plans include a meal away from home, think about what you are going to order before going. In fact, check the menu online ahead of time so you won’t be tempted to just go with some tasty but unhealthy choice loaded with un-needed calories and fat. Today most restaurants have their menus online, some with nutritional information as well.

Avoid the temptation

One infallible aid to resisting junk food is to not have it around. If you don’t bring it home from the store, it won’t be there in a moment of weakness. Stick with the fresh fruits, veggies, and healthy smoothies.

Don’t be a slave to food; make it work for you. Attain your healthy lifestyle goals.

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