Sweet and Sour Smoothie

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Sep 222015
sweet and sour smoothie

Why you should try this

Sweet and Sour Smoothie

Oranges are used in any number of fruit smoothie and even veggie smoothie recipes and for good reason. No cholesterol,fat, or sodium but a whole bunch of vitamins including A, D, B-12, and of course C.

Lemons aren’t quite as popular in smoothies, probably because their sharp taste doesn’t blend well with as many other ingredients. But lemons are another fruit that bring a lot of “healthy” to any recipe. Limited fat (.02 g), few calories (17) no sodium, and, like Oranges, quite a load of vitamins including C and Iron.

Putting a sweet and succulent Orange in the same smoothie recipe with a Lemon and no other sweetener (such as honey) and you have created a sweet and sour smoothie!

And, even better, it couldn’t be more simple to make.

In your favorite blender mix:

2 Oranges, peeled and sliced
1 Lemon, peeled and sliced
1 frozen banana, peeled and sliced (TIP: Peel and slice BEFORE FREEZING!)
1/2 cup filtered water (most tap water has minerals that will alter the results)
Ice to taste (I used a cup of cubes, but that’s just me. You might want more or less)

Everything into the blender at the same time and churn until smooth.

Sweet and Sour Smoothie

Wake Up Smoothie! Starting the Day Right

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May 062014
wake up smoothie, breakfast smoothie, orange smoothie, strawberry smoothie

Any smoothie worth being named the “Wake Up Smoothie” had better deliver the goods and this one does.

In general smoothies are a good start to any day because they offer an easy and tasty way to get so many fruit nutrients into your body (veggies too, if you want) before the day gets away and you end up eating something that is probably very tasty but not nearly as good for you.

Even better, this recipe is dead-simple to make so no real early morning thinking is required.

In your favorite blender mix:

  • One previously frozen banana (TIP: Peel and slice before freezing)
  • One cup Strawberries (Fresh if available, Frozen works great too)
  • Two tablespoons Chia seed
  • One Cup Orange Juice (NEVER EVER from concentrate!)
  • Juice from a half a lime (don’t scrimp here, this is what makes it a Wake Up Smoothie!)

Everything goes into the blender at the same time then blend to your preferred consistency.

Banana Orange Kale Smoothie: Very “Green”!

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Nov 122013

Banana Orange Kale Smoothie

Kale is a popular smoothie ingredient but its taste can be too harsh for some. In this banana orange kale smoothie recipe the bold taste of the kale is blended with both oranges and bananas to produce a very smooth tasting and satisfying “green” smoothie.

And, in case you were wondering about the nutritional aspect of kale, a single cup of cooked kale offers a whole bunch of value. Visit this link to the Kale page at whfoods.org for the whole story.

Now to the recipe:

  • 2 previously frozen bananas, peeled and sliced (Peel and slice BEFORE freezing!)
  • 1 whole orange, peeled
  • 1 cup shredded kale (probably about one leaf)
  • 1/2 cup filtered water
  • 1 Tbsp. Chia Seed or Flax seed (optional)

Do you have time for another green smoothie recipe before you go? Follow this link for another one of our really tasty and really green smoothie recipes.

Banana Orange Kale Smoothie

Apple Cider Smoothie: Good Mix for the Winter Months

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Nov 052013
apple cider smoothie

Apple Cider Smoothie:
While it is true that our favorite fruit nationally is the Orange, apples are the second most eaten fruit andcertainly have their place in our meal plans as well. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) says that our average annual consumption is 48 pounds per person. That come out to about 65 apples each.

This recipe features both apples and oranges so it is hard not to like. This recipe serves two.

In your favorite blender mix:

  • Cup Apple Cider
  • Two cups Apple sauce
  • Cup Orange Juice (Fresh if available)
  • half tsp. Cinnamon
  • half tsp. nutmeg
  • two tbsp. Maple Syrup
  • One Tbsp. Chia seed

Apple Cider Smoothie