Tomato Pepper Smoothie

Easy to make Tomato Pepper Smoothie

A while ago we posted a healthy smoothie made of vegetables and today we want to tell you about another smoothie mix we enjoy.

This smoothie uses yellow and red peppers which have a wonderful sweet flavor! This recipe is quite easy and if you add some lemon pepper and maybe even some garlic salt, it will be even more flavorful.

In your favorite blender mix:

– 2 tomatoes sliced
– ½ cup red pepper slices
– ½ cup yellow pepper slices
– ½ cup chopped cucumber
– 1/2 cup of juice (V8, tomato, or, if you prefer just a handful of ice)
– 1 scallion for a bit of a kick
– 1 teaspoon Chia seed

Put everything into the blender and churn until you get the consistency you like best. If you are using ice, add it a little at a time.

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Tomato Pepper Smoothie

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