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Should you be a regular consumer of our smoothie recipes you already know that more than a few on this site are labeled as being something you can enjoy while on a number of different diet plans. Most of us fight the battle of the bulge (so to speak) at least once in a while and are frequently curious about both healthy and unhealthy diets to lose a few (or many) pounds.

Just like most everything else in life, there are good ways and there are ways that aren’t as good. When it comes to choosing the right diet plan to lose weight, too many of us get so caught up in the immediate need that we are perfectly willing to abuse our bodies with unproved and potentially very dangerous unhealthy diets. What follows here are some of the more unhealthy ways to lose weight. See if you recognize any that you may have tried in the past (we certainly did)!

Severe Calorie Restriction Diet Plans

Drastically reducing your calorie intake will certainly result in weight loss but a significant portion of the weight you lose will be critical muscle mass. Essentially you are trying to trick your body into ignoring several hundred thousand years of evolution. But your body is smarter than you think.

When calorie intake is significantly reduced, the body will attempt to protect itself against starvation by decreasing metabolism. This results in burning fewer calories than would otherwise be the case. Even more dangerous that a restricted calorie diet, over time, increases the risk for type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome which is a set of risks such as increase blood sugar and high blood pressure you don’t need.

The safe number seems to be about 1,200 calories daily. Any diet plan that calls for less runs the risks above and more may not be needed.

Don’t Depend on Supplements or Pills

Never has the phrases “let the buyer beware” and “if it sounds too good to be true it probably is” been more true. Diet plan products sold via the internet and over the counter are almost guaranteed to be ineffective. Marketing phrases like “miracle”, “newly discovered”, “what the drug companies don’t want you to know”, and others are not based in fact. They are designed to separate you from your money. Almost all of them are, by definition, unhealthy diets.

Most of these diet plan concoctions are little more than a combination of caffeine and a diuretic. They will do little, if anything, to help you lose weight but can cause dehydration and imbalances in your electrolytes.

Beware of “Detox” or “Cleansing” Diet Plan Programs

Here again you should remember that our bodies are the end product of millennia of evolution. If the body wasn’t very good at eliminating toxins and other potentially harmful stuff, we wouldn’t be here. Most of these products are formulated to cause weight loss through fluid and stool loss but they frequently use some pretty nasty chemicals to do it and can cause many more problems than they “solve”. Any diet plan that requires you to ingest some nasty concoction to lose weight isn’t helping your health.

Probably the only time cleansing is required is prior to a colonoscopy and that is done under a doctor’s supervision.

There are other bad things out there but you get the picture. To lose weight you need a diet plan that will fit into your lifestyle. It is very true that the best diet plan is one you can stick with. It probably took a while to gain the weight you now want to lose and it isn’t realistic to think you can lose it in a few days.

A good idea is to make your doctor a partner in your efforts to slim down. He/she can offer valuable guidance on how to lose weight safely and keep it off for a lifetime.

And, of course, smoothies will help!

Unhealthy Diets

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