Jun 212013

We have frequently made the claim that using weight loss smoothie recipes at snack times is much better than most other snack foods. Of course you have to make the smoothies with the right stuff. If you succumb to temptation and make a smoothie using ice cream, Oreo cookies, and whole milk, that doesn’t really count as a weight loss smoothie recipe.

But create them with fresh fruit and low calorie, high nutrition ingredients and they are certainly healthy smoothies that will help you lose weight by curbing your hunger pangs with healthy nutrition instead of sugar calories..

This comes up because of this piece in WebMD warning women not to eat morning snacks because it can sabotage weight loss. We were prepared to not agree with all this but, on reading further, you find out that its as much about the snack choices as the snacking itself.

Read it here WebMD

Use Weight Loss Smoothie Recipes for Snacks

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