Dec 292012
why fruit is so good

Reasons Why Fruit Is So Good For Us

Our site now has several hundred free fruit smoothie recipes. While there are recipes that make use of both vegetables and fruit, the most popular are the fruit smoothie recipes. That’s an encouraging sign since most nutritionists say that most of us do not have enough fruit in our daily meal plans. So a “delivery system” such as a smoothie that encourages more fruit is a very good thing.

Why Fruit Is So Good

This piece takes a very brief look why fruits are so important to our living a healthy life. Indeed, some anthropologists claim the evidence is there to prove that our earliest ancestors ate only fruit until the onset of the ice age a million or so years ago forced the introduction of meat into their diets. In fact there are some folks today who refuse to eat anything other than fruit. The practice is known as “fruitarianism” and the adherents call themselves “fruitarians”.

Whether or not the claim that earliest man ate only fruit is true, fruit is undeniably good for us. First, fruits have high concentrations of fiber, water, and vitamin C. Fiber (which you will also see spelled as “fibre”) is a set of materials that have continuous filaments, much like a thread. Fiber is critically important to the makeup of both plants and animals because they hold tissue together. Vitamin C is an essential nutrient for humans. Fruits are also an excellent source of “phytochemicals” which are chemical compounds that occur naturally in plants. The best known phytochemical is beta-carotene.

Regular and continued consumption of fruit is now thought to be instrumental in reducing some forms of cancer, as well as reducing the risks of stroke and Alzheimer disease. Diets that are high in plant based foods of all types have been linked to general good health and being long lived. Also, eating fruits will contribute to weight loss, lower cholesterol and perhaps even stress reduction.

Fruit Smoothies

This is only a quick overview of the reasons why fruits are so good for us. Take some time to browse through our free smoothie recipes and you are sure to find a great many that are appealing.

Why Fruit Is So Good

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