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Are you excited about smoothies? These delightful drinks are quickly becoming a staple of the American diet, so much so it may seem like they’ve been around forever. Not quite but, according to Wikipedia, smoothies have been with us for at least 70 years. Smoothies are very popular not simply because they taste fantastic, but equally because smoothies are very healthy at the same time. In these days of very poor diet choices and rampant obesity, smoothies have the distinction of being able to deliver a great deal of badly needed nutritional value without a lot of sugar or carbohydrates.

When made from healthy ingredients, smoothies are filled with nutritious fruit and other healthier ingredients including low-fat yogurt, peanut butter, tofu, and fruit or vegetable juice. In fact, where smoothies were once only for breakfast, these popular health drinks are now are increasingly a meal replacement choice for lunch and dinner as well.

Smoothies Basics:

The Blender
The most important tool for making smoothies is obviously a blender. What kind of blender and how powerful it needs to be is up to you. If your smoothie experience is going to be limited to a few basic recipes you can easily get by with an economical model for well under $100. On the other hand, if you are a smoothie “veteran” and are experimenting with harder to blend ingredients like carrots, celery, or hard frozen bananas then a more capable and powerful machine is probably a better idea. If you are in the market, this Blender link will take you to a good selection at Amazon.


Everything that goes into your smoothie is your call, but there are, generally speaking, two basics in every smoothie:

  1. You are going to need some sort of liquid to help everything else mix. This can be almost anything; water, milk or all types, fruit and vegetable juices, coffee, tea, even rum!
  2. Solids are most frequently fruits of some variety but Peanut Butter; many types of veggies, as well as yogurt, sorbet, sherbets, and frozen yogurt are also used.

As well as the above basics you will very often see recipes using spices or herbs to create a unique flavor palate. Mint leaves, Cinnamon and cardamom are just some that are frequently used.

Smoothie Secrets

Here are a few tips on how to make your smoothies as tasty and satisfying as possible:

  • Keep your smoothies healthy by using low-fat or fat-free yogurts, soy milk and milk products.
  • Use fresh, ripe, seasonal fruit or frozen fruit that has been in the freezer no more than two weeks (the longer the fruit is frozen, the weaker the flavor).
  • If you have a sweet tooth add more sweetness to your smoothie with honey, syrup, or an artificial sweetener like stevia.
  • For best mixing, add the liquid to the blender first so the other ingredients don’t end up in a big mess at the bottom. Then add the rest of your ingredients and blend on a higher speed
  • Smoothies are perfect for adding extra nutrition to your meal plans. If you want more protein, simply add a scoop of vanilla or strawberry protein powder. Smoothies are also excellent for adding Chia seed or flax seed.
  • Smoothie Variety

    Best Fruit Smoothies has over six hundred different smoothie recipes to choose from and more are added each week. With this huge, and growing, collection it is virtually impossible to get bored.

    So get out the blender, chop up your favorite fruits and have a ball!

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