Mar 172010
apple spinach smoothie

Apples and spinach often work well together to make great salads and the same holds true in this apple spinach smoothie mix.  I am pretty sure you will be delightfully surprised at the refreshing taste of such a healthy lunch or afternoon meal choice.

In your favorite blender mix:

-1 cup chilled apple juice
-1/2 bunch spinach, chopped
-1 apple (you can keep peel on if you want) cored and cut in very small chunks
-½ cup of frozen banana
-1 tbsp. Chia seed

If you have spent any time on our site at all you know that we add Chia seed to almost all our recipes. That’s because Chia is an easy way to bring in a lot of additional nutrition without a lot of fuss. But it is completely optional. If you choose to lease it out, that’s perfectly fine.

Apple Spinach Smoothie

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