Jan 312013
banana bread smoothie

I have long had a real obsession with banana bread. If it is done right, I absolutely cannot resist it, especially when served warm with real butter! With this obsession you can imagine how I feel about this banana bread smoothie recipe! I can tell you this banana bread smoothie recipe has the full flavor of banana bread in a smoothie. It is just amazing.

In your favorite smoothie blender mix:

  • one cup vanilla flavor soy milk
  • 1 Tbsp. Chia seed
  • “pinch” of nutmeg
  • “pinch” of cinnamon
  • one frozen banana
  • two tbsp. tofu
  • one half cup liquid egg whites (from the egg section)

Next, put everything into the blender at the same time and mix until you get your preferred consistency. Then, enjoy!

Banana Bread Smoothie

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