Dec 242012

Key limes are a different fruit from the “Persian” limes. It is frequently picked green and has more seeds and a much stronger aroma. The unique taste of the key lime makes this absurdly simple banana yogurt smoothie recipe a very refreshing mid afternoon snack.

Using the banana chips frozen makes the smoothie mix cold but you can still add ice if you would like a thinner consistency.

-1 cup of low-fat key lime yogurt
-1 cup of frozen banana chips

That’s it! just blend these two in your favorite blender and enjoy!

It is also easy to make this very simple smoothie recipe into a nutritional powerhouse simply by adding a single tablespoon of Chia seed. Chia will add a whole range of nutritional value to the mix including heart healthy and cholesterol fighting omega 3 fatty acids. Even better, Chia has no taste of its own and won’t change the delicious results at all.

Banana Yogurt Smoothie with Lime

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