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June 2015 Update

We just received the July 2015 edition of Consumer Reports magazine and they have again rated a few blenders. On page 30 in an article titled “The Best American-Made Appliances’/em> in the category “Small Appliances” these blenders are noted:

CR notes that “American made small appliances are difficult to come by”. Yes, they are and its good to see some still make the grade.

March 2015 Update

Blenders are not all alike. For one, this is an appliance that is, more often than not, not put away but kept in full view on the kitchen counter top. So, looks count.

So does power. Some of the less expensive blenders are woefully underpowered and can’t mix all the ingredients that can occasionally go into a smoothie. That said, there isn’t a real need to break the bank in search of the largest motor. Some very reasonably priced blenders do a great job.

Below are two blenders Consumer Reports reviewed in the September 2014 magazine. Both will do a respectable job of mixing smoothies for you although at two very different prices. If you are reading this and are in the market for a new blender, we hope you purchase it through one of these links so we can realize a (very) small commission on the sale.

Vitamix S30

This $400 blender from Vitamix is termed a “personal blender”. whatever that means. But no matter! Consumer Reports is favorably impressed with the 40 oz. container and the double walled 20 oz. travel cup with a flip top lid. The double wall manufactur will keep beverages cold and the cup is tapered to fit cup holders.

The blender itself “aced our icy-drink test as a full sized blender” but the “personal-blender” results were not as impressive which means your take along smoothie might not be as creamy as you would prefer.

Nutri Ninja

Consumer Reports says this blender makes a better smoothie than the Vitamix above but is not as “multifunctional”. Not only does it make a thicker and creamier smoothie but it also runs quieter. However, there is some pricing discrepency between CR and the above Amazon link. CR prints a price of $90 while the Amazon link quotes a price of $122.66 so you might be able to find it for less than Amazon if you look. But, if your primary concern is smoothies, either price is much less than the Vitamix.

March 2015 Update:

We have had a number of friends rave about the “Magic Bullet NutriBullet” product so we’ll include it as well.

First, a couple of important points:

  • One, the NutriBullet is a brand name of a product provided by Magic Bullet. Many on-line reviews have cautioned new owners not to be confused when they see the Magic Bullet logo on the motor base.
  • Two, The NutriBullet is another, mostly successful, try at providing the horsepower of a large blender into a smaller, less expensive, easier to clean package

It’s kind of hard to determine how well the product does in the wild, so to speak. My personal go to reference, Consumer reports, hates it so much they gave it a -0- and do not buy rating. Yet, the two customer reviews on the site are split with one saying that the 900 has gotten a bad rap and the other questioning its durability.

The customer reviews on Amazon show a similar split between love and hate. As I haven’t personally used this one, I can’t add my own experience to the mix.

The bottom line is that there are lot of these being sold and a lot of people like them a lot. Yes, there are a lot of negative reviews out there but there are for any product.

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