Jan 172013
greek yogurt smoothie

Greek yogurt is different from regular because it has been strained through a filter (usually cloth or paper) to get rid of the whey. This increases the consistency of the yogurt, making it thicker and more substantial. So a Greek yogurt smoothie has a correspondingly thicker consistency than a smoothie made with regular yogurt. Add some fruit and you end up with a delicious and satisfying smoothie.

In this Greek yogurt smoothie the yogurt blends with a couple of popular fruits from the East. Peaches are originally native to China and Bananas are native to the tropical areas of South and Southeast Asia, most likely originating in New Guinea.

Regardless of origin, this Greek yogurt smoothie recipe is very easy to make and it satisfies completely.

1 cup of frozen banana chunks
1 cup of frozen peach slices
1 cup of Greek yogurt

Optionally, adding a Tbsp. Chia seed will increase the nutritional value of the mix, including heart healthy and cholesterol fighting omega-3 fatty acids. Plus, Chia has no taste of its own and wont’ dilute or change the results of the recipe!


Greek Yogurt Smoothie

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