Jun 182013

Finding “easy” ways to lose weight is a constant battle for so many who are trying to jump start weight loss-and lose weight quickly. Healthy green smoothies for weight loss like this Carrot Spinach smoothie are an excellent way to satisfy hunger, and give your body the vitamins, mineral and nutrients you need. Not only is this smoothie recipe great for losing weight, this carrot spinach smoothie is also a great choice for lunch or an afternoon snack that will provide that extra burst of energy to get you through the afternoon without a lot of fat oar calories.

This recipe also includes Chia seed as an optional ingredient. Chia has no real taste of its own so adding it won’t change the outcome of the mix. But if you do choose to add it in, you will be adding a great deal of extra nutritional value including important heart healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

In your favorite blender mix:

2 cups of carrot chunks (you can just scrub the skin, you don’t have to peel)
1 large apple (you can include the skin)
1 cups of spinach
1 cup of cold V8 V-Lite (only 35 calories)
1 tbsp Chia seed

Green Smoothies for weight loss

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