Dec 262012
pear fruit smoothie

Fruit Facts: The Pear has been with us since the beginning. There is evidence of Pears being used as food as far back as 5,000 years. In The Odyssey Homer describes Pears as a “gift of the gods”. I wouldn’t make that claim for this Pear fruit smoothie but it is pretty darn good!

In your favorite blender mix:

– 2 Pears, cored and cut in chunks
– 1 medium banana or 2/3 cup frozen banana chips
– 1/2 cup of cold apple juice
– 1 cup of low-fat vanilla yogurt
– 1 tbsp. Chia seed

Everything goes into the blender at the same time and gets mixed until it reaches the consistency that you like best.

Pear Fruit Smoothie

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