Jan 182013
vegetarian diet

Smoothies in a Vegetarian Diet

In case you observe a vegetarian diet plan meals can sometimes be a dilemma on account of limited food choices or selection of meals. There are various books, Web sites and magazines that carry vegan and vegetarian recipes, all which usually point out how to combine many fruits and vegetables to make a variety of delicious meals.

One usual thread concerning those pursuing a vegetarian eating routine is to incorporate the necessary vitamins and minerals to encourage a healthy body and include food sources which incorporate protein, fiber, B12, Calcium, Vitamin D and Omega 3 fatty acids.

One way to combine the most crucial foods for good health and to maintain a vegetarian diet plan should be to opt for fresh fruits and vegetables and dairy items to brew a healthy vegetable or fruit smoothie that is packed with vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. Smoothies can play an valuable aspect in any vegetarian diet as they quite simply afford a quick and tasty way to include large concentrations of nutritional compounds important for a healthy body.

The following are just a few examples of how easy it truly is to get the essentials of nutrition because of vegetable and fruit smoothie recipes:

Protein can be found in many different fruits including such favorites as peaches, pineapples and coconut, in addition to bananas or strawberries.

Vitamin B12 can be found in dairy products like eggs, Swiss cheese, milk, and milk products, like soy milk. B12 is also present in Oysters and Crab should your diet permits fish and shellfish.

Calcium is found in dark leafy greens, as well as some fruits like pineapples. And keep an eye on the supermarket shelves where many brands of orange juice fortified with calcium are often on sale!

And for those vitamins such as Vitamin D which stimulates the assimilation of calcium and magnesium, can easily be included with the help of Chia herb to almost any recipe. Chia seed contains a great deal of nutritional benefits including Omega-3fatty acids which are very useful to controlling cholesterol. Chia is really a better all around option as a supplement than is fish oil or flax seed as it doesn’t have taste of its own and won’t affect the results of any recipe you include it with.

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