Nov 272016
strawberry smoothie

Spring explodes with fresh fruit and one of our absolute favorites are strawberries. So much so that frequently we buy more than we can use. To prevent them from going bad I freeze them. I just nip the tops, wash and put them in zip lock bags with about 1 cup in each bag. When next needed I pull a bag out of the freezer and treat myself to springtime fruits! We have successfully kept some frozen for several months so storage isn’t a real problem.

Looking for even more nutritional firepower? You can turn this strawberry smoothie into a nutritional powerhouse just by adding a tablespoon of Chia seed. Chia has advantages over other more well known nutritional supplements such as flax seed or whey. Chia seeds are a superb natural source of vitamins, minerals, and important heart healthy omega-3 fatty acids that help fight cholesterol. Even better Chia, unlike Flax seeds, has no real taste of its own. This means adding Chia won’t get in the way of the strawberry smoothie goodness.

This smoothie is very simple and easy to make:

In your favorite blender mix:

1 cup Strawberries, fresh in spring and summer, frozen in fall and winter
1 carton of low-fat Greek yogurt yogurt (vanilla or strawberry)
Tbs.Chia seed

All ingredients go into your blender and get mixed until smooth. Drink and enjoy!

And, isn’t this the best picture of a strawberry you’ve ever seen?

Simple Strawberry Smoothie

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