Apr 062012

A can’t miss Three Berry Smoothie that takes advantage of the wonderful taste of berries when blended. This particular three berry smoothie calls for Raspberries, Strawberries, and blackberries. But, if you have another favorite, don’t be bashful about adding it to make your own personalized three berry smoothie.

You can add Chia seed for an extra measure of nutrition as well. Ounce for ounce Chia seed offers more important heart healthy omega-3 fatty acids than salmon in addition to a number of other vitamins and minerals. Chia is gluten free and has just a trace of sodium. And, best of all, it has no taste of its own so it won’t change the results of any three berry smoothie no matter which berries you decide to use.

In your smoothie blender mix:

  • two cups ice
  • one half cup raspberries
  • one quarter cup low fat milk
  • one half cup strawberries
  • one half cup blackberries
  • one cup low fat yogurt (plain, vanilla, or a berry flavor)
  • one tbsp. Chia seed

Three Berry Smoothie

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