May 142013
weight loss smoothies

Sometimes, in the quest for health, people can take dietary advice and carry to unhealthy limits. In their search for good health substances such as fat, salt, calories and carbohydrates have developed very negative connotations and something to be avoided if at all possible. This is misguided at best because every one of these substances is required by the body to maintain good health and proper operation. But, when you craft an eating plan using weight loss smoothies you can be assure of getting all the nutrients your body requires.

Consider fat as an example. Generally speaking, vitamins fall into one of two categories; they are either water soluble or fat soluble. Many vitamins such as K, E, D, and others are fat soluble and require a certain amount of fat to be present in your system so they can be absorbed by the body. A diet that either severely restricts, or eliminates fat can easily cause deficiencies in these critical vitamins because, without enough fat being present, they are not able to be absorbed and so pass straight through the system and are eliminated.

Not All Fat Is Bad
It goes without saying that almost all diets require limiting the amount of fat but eliminating it completely is not the answer. To be sure you are able to absorb all the required vitamins at least a little fat should be eaten at every meal. A good way to get this required fat is to drink a glass of low fat milk, or eat a container of low fat yogurt along with your main meals. And when you are making weight loss smoothies using low fat milk or yogurt you are making a delicious and satisfying treat.

As for carbohydrates, far from being something bad carbohydrates are the body’s primary source of energy. If the body’s energy requirements are more than the available supply of carbohydrates can produce, the body will begin to consume both protein and fat instead. In fact, this is what low carb weight loss plans are designed to accomplish.

While this method of losing weight will work in the short term, over time restricting carbohydrates to this degree is not healthy. The difficulty with this method of weight loss arises because neither protein nor fat is as efficient a source of energy as are carbohydrates. After a period of time both the kidneys and heart in particular are hard hit by the excessive amounts of unwanted byproducts of protein metabolism.

If you have ever tried a restricted carbohydrate diet you know that for the first day or so you feel tired and not yourself. Many people report that they experience dramatic mood changes in the first few days. This is because the body is adjusting to learn how to extract energy from stored fat and protein instead of carbohydrates. But a diet using weight loss smoothies avoids this.

Diet Smart
The purpose of a diet should always be to lose weight in a healthy and safe manner without causing more problems than now exist. You should always include a medical professional in your decision process. An honest discussion now can prevent many troubles later on.

Weight loss smoothies also provide a vehicle for supplements such as flax seed, or Chia seed. Both are good but, of the two, I prefer Chia for the following reasons:

Chia seed is an unrivaled blend of complex carbohydrates, dietary fiber, protein, and other vitamins and minerals required for good health. Chia seed is also an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids in the right ratio to omega-6 (3:1). Adding a tablespoon a day to your foods will be a huge boost to your health-and adding chia to weight loss smoothies won’t change the results of the recipes because Chia has no taste of its own.

As with any diet it is important to check with your medical adviser before beginning. But I am sure that when you tell her that you have included weight loss smoothies in your diet you will be just fine.

Weight Loss Smoothies

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